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I will never buy again from them.I have requested replacement light bulbs.What they did is ordered hid light bulbs from Ebay seller.This Ebay seller sent me hid light bulbs cost $10 cheap stuff.They should have sent their own hid light bulbs replacement which they sell those.What happened to Hid light bulbs which is made in GERMANY.All lies.....I paid over $120 for expensive HID KITS.I couldn't believe i got replacement was from ebay. DO NOT BUY !!!

NOTE... THE ORIGINAL HID KIT BOX AND HID KIT ITSELF DOES NOT SAY MADE IN GERMANY ANYWHERE.Here is pictures approved.Plus they should say lifetime warranty is from EBAY STUFF (CHINA MADE).

Monetary Loss: $30.

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"I requested that HID Kit Xenon Lights send me replacement HID light bulbs. They did not send me the correct replacement light bulbs. Instead HID Kit Xenon Lights ordered HID light bulbs from a China ebay shop and had that shop send the cheap HID light bulbs to me instead. I paid $???.?? and ??.?? for shipping."

Why did you request they send you replacement HID bulbs? How long did the ones you have last? What was wrong with them? Can you verify they were German made and not from a resell shop out of a China ebay store? Did you call them and talk with someone from the store? What is the return policy?

Did you read out loud to someone what you wrote before posting it? It is horrible English.

to Anonymous #686954

I welcome you try to buy that kits from them.Hope everything will work out for you.

to Anonymous #688087

"I welcome you" I guess English is not your language. You going to be calling me "My friend" next.

Why would I buy anything from them?

I don't want that ***. It is illegal in most States to have HID bulbs anyways.

to Anonymous #688115

Who' s care about my *** English is my language. Why would I call you my friend?

Since you are an Ashole about my writing. Who is fking care?

If you are not interesting or Want , why the fk *** you read my complaints and asked me so many questions? *** OFF!

to Anonymous #688124

Wow....you're really fking an Ashole.

O Fallon, Missouri, United States #686515

you paid "over $120.00 for expensive HIS Kits"??? and you got cheap knockoffs?

Noooo, what a suprise.

I am certain that you are well aware that the HID bulbs alone will cost anywhere from $75.00 to $120.00 each, not even including the housing and balast, wiring etc. What excatly were you expeting???

to Anonymous #686583

All I expecting was from their own replacement part which they are made in Germany. Would you be satisfied you got replacement parts from China made.

to Anonymous #686592

Come on.. That's NO such will cost anywhere from $75 to $120 each for HID bulbs alone. If so show us the links......

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #686454

if you paid on Paypal, you should have recourse through paypal

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